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When you need safe and hassle-free demolition works on the Gold Coast, employ the services of our expert team of demolition specialists at Wee G Construction. From planning and execution to taking the waste materials away we can deal with it all.

Working with the demolition professionals

The professional team of demolition experts at Wee G take every possible care and consideration when carrying out demolition projects. We fully appreciate that our work can be both dirty and hazardous and that is why we take every precaution before commencing. From ensuring that utilities are disconnected and no hazardous materials are present to controlling dust and minimising disturbance, we consider them all.Call us on 0401 563 011 or Contact us

Our diverse range of demolition services

From total house and outbuilding demolitions to concrete cutting and removal, we have the skills and specialist equipment to deal with all aspects of residential demolition. Our diverse demolition services include the following:

  • House, Shed and Garage demolition
  • Concrete cutting and removal
  • Slab and Swimming pool removals
  • Internal and Rendering strip-outs
  • Bathroom and Kitchen strip-outs
  • Tile removal and Plumbing preparation work

Call us on 0401 563 011 or Contact us

Working with a Gold Coast demolition team that cares

We appreciate that our customers take a great deal of pride in their homes and property, so we respond with respect and courtesy. Our demolition specialists are always mindful of the impact our work can have on your neighbours and the environment. We also know that the job isn’t finished until the tidying up has been done and the only sign of us ever being there is a clear and level site.

If you are looking for professional demolition services on the Gold Coast look no further than Wee G. Call us now to get the job done!Call us on 0401 563 011 or Contact us