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What you need to consider for landscaping project at your property?

Landscaping itself can be an overwhelming project. Let alone whether you are completely redesigning or simply making a few changes to your existing landscape. But this can be a lot of fun if you know what you want and what you have to work with. You may be having this landscaping project in your mind for over some time but you are not sure where to start with. After all it’s your lovely home and you want this to be creative and fascinating. Getting the first step right is sometimes the harder part of all landscaping tasks.

The team at Wee G Construction can help you overcome all the problems you may come across in any landscaping job. We are the experts and we are here to work with you in your dream project in any way possible. You can contact us anytime for an expert hand but using our tips you will be able to show your creativity just fine. Check out the ideas for landscaping.

So before you head into one of your local Bunnings store, have a read through the tips we gathered for you. It contains some top factors you should consider when you are starting your next landscaping project.

How Well You Know Your Proposed Landscape Area?

Before you start any landscaping project around your house, it is very important for you to know the area, about the soil, the positioning, how this is going to affect the whole landscape of your home and more. You got to keep in mind the amount and length of Sun and shade exposure the area will be receiving. The positioning is also important for ensuring a better irrigation system. A simple drip-irrigation system can be a great solution to that. Having a better understanding of your area would allow you to plant certain species of plants and also if you require pergolas, shade sails or other forms of protection.

A highly expert team of Wee G Construction can guide you when you are preparing the land for your next landscaping project. Give us a call for further tips and support.

Who Will Be The Primary User Of Your Landscape?

Are you creating this project for young children or this is going to be an adult retreat? These are very important questions you need to ask yourself while you are planning. Do you have pets? Is this landscaping project going to be your outdoor entertainment area? Strategic plantings and hardscapes can be used to create various spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes. Setting up a good plan would then help you measure your maintenance planning too, which can not overlook. The same time landscaping has lots of benefits in itself.

What Is The Style And Theme Of Your Landscape?

The style and theme should correlate with the interior and exterior style of your home. This should also reflect your personality and makes you feel happy and relaxed. Ask yourself a few questions such as “Are you after any specific color?”, “Do you want to have any geometrical shape?”, “Are you a fan of more natural feel?”. Questions like these will help you explore more options.

Have You Decided The Plants And The Right Soil For That?

The next you must think about is the soil. Different plants suit a different kind of soil and need perfect nutrients. Based on your plantation you can go for either sand, clay, or rock soil. You may need to run a soil test and change it based on the finding if necessary.

How Well Is Your Irrigation and Drainage Planned?

When you are done with deciding your plants, you must consider your irrigation planning. Certain plants need a certain amount of water with the correct flow. Well planned drainage is also very important as some plants in your garden may need a small amount of water and some may need continuous water flow. read our tips on maintaining your garden this winter.

Finally, please make sure you have arranged for people to take care of the rubbish. Once the garden makeover project is completed, you will need to relax and no need to be worried about the landscaping waste removal task. Wee G team has the proper equipment to get your rubbish removed timely and in a very organised way. Now that you have a checklist, get in touch with the expert and start building the perfect landscape.