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How To Maintain Your Garden In Queensland Winter

Queensland is blessed with a sub-tropical climate that sees the north-eastern state enjoy nearly 300 days of sunshine per year (hence the nickname Sunshine State). Even in winter, the days are sunny, and the temperature rarely goes below the 10°C mark. Despite the mild weather, your winter gardening requires some thoughtful planning so that you can have a lively assortment of greenery and floral radiance come spring. Here are some winter garden tips for all the Queensland gardeners, brought to you by Wee G constructions.


Winter is the perfect time to prune deciduous trees. The abscission (the act of losing leaves) of these species often coincides with winter, so these trees stand bare throughout the rest of the season. As the leaves are out, and branches could be seen, it’s easier for the Arborist to isolate the branches that need to be attended for an ideal prune. Liquid Ambers, Japanese Maples, and Leopard Trees are some of the species that shed all their leaves between June and August.

Flower species like Hydrangeas, Wisteria, Roses, Poinciana and Jacarandas are also perfect pruning candidates in winter. These species are widely dormant during the season so a prune before the arrival of new growth could lead to flourishing results come blooming period.

Another essential part of your winter gardening plans should be dead wooding, a job crucial for ensuring your plant’s health safety. Removal of dead branches is a must before the windy summer arrives. These branches become fragile and easily snap off when a strong wind blows. These broken branches could host harmful organisms like pests and fungus that could deteriorate tree health further.


Winter is not the busiest gardening period by any means; this makes it highly convenient for getting some landscaping work done. This might include making garden beds, clear away weeds and dead plants, retaining walls or building fences around your garden. Consult our earthmoving and landscaping services for further assistance.


Even though the ground doesn’t freeze over around the Gold Coast, it’s wise to water the surface before the barren winter hits. Rainfalls are at a minimum during the period so additional moisture besides your regular watering might help your plants to cope with the changed atmosphere.


Fertilizing the trees in winter is an absolute no in freezing weather conditions, but since that’s not a problem around the Queensland region, you can consider applying subtle amounts of fertilizers to boost your plant’s growth. Focus on phosphorus-based fertilizers instead of nitrogen, which hinders average growth.


Adding mulch to your tree roots could make it much more winter tolerant. It safeguards the tree from extreme weather changes and strengthens the roots by containing water.

It’s your precious garden and you must take all the necessary actions to keep it tidy in this winter season. As the weather is changing every year, it is better to get ready for unwanted conditions and prepare beforehand. Wee G Construction can always be at your service with perfect landscaping ideas and can help to set that up for you. Same time we also can remove all the rubbish gathered from the garden and due to landscaping job.

You can not be less assured when you consult and work with experts like Wee G Construction based in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast.