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How much does a concrete driveway cost?

If you’re thinking about having a concrete driveway installed on your property, one of the primary things you will definitely speculate is how much it costs to do so. The price of the project may even decide the size of the driveway you opt. A standard concrete driveway usually costs $4,000 to $8,500 while a colored or stamped drive can cost remarkably more. Numerous factors affect how much new concrete work may cost. Wee G Construction team can help you understand the avenues involved for pricing up for a concrete driveway.

How Many Cubic Yards Are Needed?

To compute the sum of a concrete driveway cost, you’ll need to know how much concrete you require. You should be alert that concrete is measured using cubic yards. Cubic yards are a method of measuring the volume of the concrete, so it utilizes three-dimensional measurements — literally what size the cube of concrete will be.

In other words, concrete is measured using the length and width of the area to be filled and then multiplied by the required depth of concrete required. The length multiplied by the width is what’s known as the square footage.

Calculating the square footage can be done simply by inputting the length and width measurements into a square footage calculator.

The Average Driveway Cost Per Square Foot

If you hire a concrete contractor who uses the best quality concrete, you can expect to pay $7 to $10 per square foot of concrete.

But how do you know if the concrete is good quality? The answer lies in the strength of the concrete. The strength of concrete is assessed in pounds per square inch. A high-quality concrete mix will have the strength of five thousand pounds per square inch, or perhaps more.

Before hiring any contractor, find out the strength of the concrete they mix. The strength determines its permanence and capability to maintain its shape without cracking during even the harshest weather conditions. A low-grade concrete won’t last as long and will be more prone to cracking.

Concrete Driveway Material Costs

Concrete costs $80 per cubic yard on average, but the concrete driveway concrete price will differ by the mix and geographic area. Besides concrete, a base of crushed stone will also be needed, which can cost $15 to $17 per cubic yard on average.

A rebar grid is necessary to avoid cracking and support the weight of vehicles. The amount of rebar needed will differ by the size of the driveway, the size of the rebar, and chosen spacing. On average rebar will cost $2 to $3 per square foot.

Some materials will also be required to sustain the concrete pour, for instance, forms and stakes.

Calculate How Much Your Concrete Driveway Costs

The amount of prep work necessary may result in adjustments to the price of the project. Uneven land, rocky soil, or a sharp slope takes additional time to get ready than flat, soft topsoil.

Even if you decide to hire a contractor for the job you’ll be equipped with rough material estimates and the information needed to ask smart questions before starting the project. By inputting your measurements or even just drawing the driveway on the map, you can find an estimate of the cost for a concrete driveway. Now don’t ignore the maintaining of the concrete surface you have just built.

Once completed, our team of experts can help you remove all the rubbish generated from the concrete works on your property. We have different sizes of trucks that might fit your big or small project. Either way, we offer Skip bin hire service that you can rent and use for your demolitions tasks and later we can pick up and drop off at the nearest tips.

Maintaining any concrete surface is also something that you must be concerned about. Our tips on maintaining a concrete surface may help you understand the scopes and things that you need to do. Wee G Construction team is always there to help you when you need the most. Contact us on 0401 563 011.