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Pros and Cons Demolition Service on the Gold Coast

The old must always make way for the new, and one thing must be built out of the ruins of another.’’- this century old quote from Roman poet Lucretius is even more true for buildings. As time takes its toll on the structure, buildings lose their past glory when they become old and put their inhabitants into severe risk. Tearing down old buildings seems to be an obvious solution but alongside the conspicuous perks, there are some stumbling blocks as well. If you are thinking about hiring a demolition service to bulldoze your property in Gold Coast, make sure you know about the advantages and disadvantages of demolishing old age homes.


• Ensures Public Safety:

If the building in question has a fragile, worn out structure that has a high possibility of collapsing upon an earthquake strike, it is safer to get rid of the building. Such buildings might also be considered as high-risk fire hazards because of their faulty utility supply lines. These buildings could also have asbestos problems or other health threats. Consult asbestos removal services in Gold Coast to check for the asbestos infestation in your property.

• Benefit the Community:

The freed-up land breaking down an old building could be used for the betterment of the community. Building parks, hospitals or another public establishment in the area would benefit the community.

• Reduce Pressure on Cultivable Land:

As the population growth rate continues its upward tick, the demand for residential plots continues to soar. Building new constructions replacing the old ones would ensure cultivable lands do not come under threat to real estate aggression.

• Cost Efficient:

As buildings grow old, they become more and more costly to maintain. Taking down the building could save you a fortune in renovation costs. Consult demolition contractors in Gold Coast to evaluate your property and prescribe your next course of action.


• Historical and Aesthetic Value:

Some buildings stand witness to significant historical events whilst some are celebrated for their artful architecture. It’s impossible to recreate the values these establishments hold so taking them down would be a major blow to local heritage. These landmarks could also draw in substantial tourism revenues.

• Lengthy Process:

As straightforward as it sounds, demolishing a building could be quite a lengthy process. First of all, you’d need to file for a permit at the city council. They would greenlight your request upon making proper investigations. You might also face protests from local preservationists. Then comes the demolition process which might be delayed because of an unusual setback like discovering asbestos or damaging gas lines.